db-ll-bass ― sound, body, and instrument 2012 2013 Istanbul Akbank Jazz festival and Tokyo Performing Arts Market with Turkish choreographer Aydin Teker

A record of research and practical collaboration about body and musical instrument/music, between a Turkish choreographer and a Japanese contrabass player.

"db-ll-bass" in Istanbul @Akbank Jazz festival

"db-ll-bass" is a highly unique sound-movement piece, by Aydin Teker, a Turkish choreographer, and Jun Kawasaki, a Japanese contrabassist. Pursuing the relationship among the sound, body, and musical instrument., it was performed in Istanbul in October 2012, and Tokyo and Yokohama in February 2013. This is a clip of the performance in Istanbul. For the details of the project, visit the official website(Japanese and English): http://db-ll-base.jimdo.com/

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