new CD Jun Kawasaki Unaccompanied Contrabass Solo Music биология  biologia

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this is hi- resolution sounds(only japanese) but you can hear example!

this is first solo(solo&duo improvisation)

KAWASAKI Jun / Left bank, Right bank(2003)

KAWASAKI Jun / Left bank, Right bank
[EXJP009] \2.500
KAWASAKI Jun (contrabass)
KUNIHIRO Kazuki (poetry reading #12)
KANDA Shin-Ichiro (piano #1)
NAKAMIZO Toshiya (oboe #4 & 7)
KONDO Hideaki (guitar #8) 

The first leader's album of young genius basisit who is the mosttalented pupil of Tetsu Saito. He is also music director and composer of japanese traditional dancerNishikawa Senrei. His sound express lament, anxiety and furious with his unbelievabletechnic crossing over between composing and improvisation. Very sensitive and like seeking after truth.

how to order Left bank, Right bank and other CD(exias-j ,Yoshisaburo Toyozumi and more ) 

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