Cloud funding starts . till 8 October 2016

     Unique Nomadic Asian Opera and Dance from Japan
Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory, Armenia and Russia Tour October 2016

Cloud funding starts . till 8 October 2016

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Schedule of Armenia & Russia tour is following.


“The end does not end” Armenia and Russia Tour 2016

6 October, 2016

HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival
@Hamazgayin State Theatre, Yerevan, Armenia

Master class workshop Date and venue is under adjustment.

10 October, 2016

@The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)
Moscow, Russia

11 and 12 October

Long Arms Festival
@DOM Cultural Centre, Moscow, Russia

12 October
Anya Tchaykovskaya (Vo)
Sergey Klevensky (Cl, Traditional reeds)
Alina Mikhaylova (Dance)

Director, Composer: Jun Kawasaki

Aya (Butoh dance)
Hiroyo Miura (Actress, Dancer)
Akira Yoshimatsu (Actor, voice, Japanese traditional Noh player)
Kentaro Tsuda (Actor, Asian and noise vocalisation)
Satoshi Tsuboi (Actor, Singer)
Aki Ozawa (Guitar)
Seika Miki (Vocal)
Jun Kawasaki(doublebass)
Kiri Shirosawa (Stage manager)
Hideto Miyuki (Assistant director, Video)