The END DOSE NOT END and ORPHANS AND STARS Songs of Paul Celan 2015 Directed and Composed by Jun Kawasaki (Music poetic dorama laboratory)

The END DOSE NOT END , ORPHANS AND STARS  Songs of Paul Celan 2015 and with Ayumi Paul 2016

  Directed and Composed by Jun Kawasaki (Music poetic drama laboratory)

The end dose not end
The end dose not end 
(premier 2015 oct at  Tokyo Theater X for  Tadeusz Kantor  100th Anniversary)

 Directed and Composed by Jun Kawasaki (Music poetic drama laboratory)

Ghosts are singing about hunting and nomadic people’s 20th century. That tribe has lived in Siberia along right side of Arugn river. They call themselves “Evenki”.
Other Ghosts who had died at Sonezaki river are going along the river. Can they arrive at the sea? Or can they not arrive at anywhere? This plot is based on Japanese traditional Ningyo joruri play Shinjyu Ten-no-amijima. It is a famous story of a lovers’ suicide that was written by Chikamatsu Monzaemon in the Edo period. 
This fictitious North East Asia folk-opera was composed and directed by Jun Kawasaki.which were  realized by singer ,dancer,actor and traditional Japanese puppet operator.
 “Be counter to songs, but to songs(Uta to gyaku ni Uta ni)”. It is the words that Japanese poet Touzaburou Ono left. The verbal activity begins with conflict with impossibility of making songs. This is a reactionary route to opera.

 Aki Ozawa (g), Shinichiro Kanda (syn ,pf)Jun Kawasaki (cb)Seika Miki(vocal)

Aya(Butoh)Hiroyo Miura(dance)Satomi Akutsu(dance)Nagako Tomaru(dance)
Sakae Yuki(puppet operator)

sung and acted by
Kentaro Tsuda Junko Kowashi Akira Yoshimatsu Xeiici Ai  Yurie Inouchi Kanako Shiratori
Satoshi Tsuboi Takashi Mukai Ryota Ono  

supported by
Hideto Miyuki(film)Daisuke Mikome(photo) Kentaro Nagatomo

Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory with Ayumi Paul (digest)2016   

from Ayumi Paul violin recital and sound performance
8 May, 2016 at Theater X, Tokyo

Directed and Composed by
Jun Kawasaki (Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory)

Ayumi Paul, violin
Seika Miki, vocal
Jun Kawasaki, double bass
Aya, butoh dance
Hiroyo Miura, dance

Hideto Miyuki, camera
photo by Bozzo (http://www.bozzo.jp/)

Hiroyo Miura  Akira Yoshimatsu  Aya

Sakae Yuuki(Sakse Ebisawa)
Seika Miki
Hiroyo Miura
Aya                              HiroyoMiura
Satomi Akutsu

Satoshi Tsuboi Kanako Shiratori Yurie Inouchi Takashi Mukai Ryota Ono

Yurie Inouchi 
Junko Kowashi
Shinichiro Kanda

Xeiici Ai
Kentaro Tsuda   Xeiici Ai      Aya
Nagako Tomaru         Satomi Akutsu
Aki Ozawa

Jun Kawasaki(director and composer) 

ORPHANS AND STARS Songs of Paul Celan
(premier 2015 June  at  Tokyo Theater X for  Tadeusz Kantor  100th Anniversary )
 Directed and Composed by Jun Kawasaki(Music poetic dorama laboratory) 

In this piece, musicians and actors perform 20 songs. Original texts of each song are mainly from Jewish poet Paul Celan’s pieces and Bertolt Brecht’s pieces. Actors read their pieces, to the audience, to themselves, and to elsewhere.    

 “There are still songs to sing beyond humankind”(Paul Celan).

        Ayako Kosaka (conductor ,mezzo soprano)
       Junichi Aoki (dramaturg)
 Seika Miki (vo), Naoko Aoki (pf), Keiko Komori (cl), Aki Ozawa (g), Jun Kawasaki (cb)

Aya(Butoh)Hiroyo Miura(dance)
Kentaro Tsuda  Mariko Muraoka  Junko Kowashi  Kanako Shiratori  Mariko Tobiyama 
Satoshi Tsuboi Yurie Inouchi Takakashi Mukai  Ryota Ono Mizore Yamada Junichi Aoki 
Hikari Tuchiya

supported by
Hideto Miyuki(film)Daisuke Mikome(photo) Kentaro Nsgatomo

                                                                    photo by Mikomex
Ayako Kosaka (conductor Mezzo Soprano)

Mariko Tobiyama   Ryota Ono Takashi Mukai  
Naoko Aoki(piano)

Aki Ozawa(guitar)
Kentaro Tsuda
Hiroyo Miura

Aya     Hiroyo Miura    Seika Miki(vocal)

Keiko Komori(clarinet)  Aya