youtube Jun kawasaki

contrabass solo for Senrei Nishikawa (Japanese traditional dancer)

Performed by Jun Kawasaki at "Senrei Mai Sansou Senrei's 
Mountain Studio" Aug 27 2013 Kyoto Recording & Video Editing by Kazuhiro Kasuya

"db-ll-bass - sound, body, and instrument"

"db-ll-bass" is a highly unique sound-movement piece, by Aydin Teker, a Turkish choreographer, and Jun Kawasaki, a Japanese contrabassist. Pursuing the relationship among the sound, body, and musical instrument., it was performed in Istanbul in October 2012, and Tokyo and Yokohama in February 2013. This is a clip of the performance in Istanbul. For the details of the project, visit the official website: http://db-ll-base.jimdo.com/

"db-ll-bass - sound, body, and instrument" is a project of research and practical collaboration between a choreographer who viewed a body playing music as dance, and a musician who seeked the source of sound and music in his body while playing music. The piece was performed in Istanbul, Turkey, in Oct. 2012, and Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan, in Feb. 2013. This is the record of the performance in Tokyo. For the details of the project, please visit the official website (http://db-ll-base.jimdo.com/).

Concept and choreography: Aydin Teker
Music and performance: Jun Kawasaki
Produced by: Kiki Arts Project, Tokyo (kiki.arts.project@gmail.com)
Official website: http://db-ll-base.jimdo.com/

sound migration  2011@Budapest

Japan-Turkey Contemporary Music Collaboration
Sound Migration

The Japan Foundation will be conducting a project called "Sound Migration" which is a contemporary music collaboration between Japan and Turkey. Four musicians and an actress will be working together in Istanbul, Turkey, in September, to create new pieces, and then in the beginning of October will be performing them in Izmir, Cairo, and Budapest as well as Istanbul. The performance in Istanbul will be held as the opening in the 'Istanbul International Contemporary Dance & Performance Festival (iDANS)'. Furthermore, the performances in Istanbul and Izmir will be a part of the 'Japan Year 2010 in Turkey'.

Coming together from the two countries will be: Kazuki Kunihiro, a Japanese composer; Saadet Türköz, a Kazakh Turkish vocalist; Jun Kawasaki, a Japanese contrabassist; Şevket Akinci, a Turkish improvisational guitarist; and Micari, a Japanese actress. These five persons, all soloists in their own right, provide an extremely intense sound as well physical movement and they use this intensity to construct a world that is something quite unique, which is the reason for their being selected.

Türköz's keen individuality, a blend of Central Asian narrative tradition and jazz improvisation, cannot be without influence from the fact that her parents had fled East Turkistan as refugees and made their way to Turkey over the course of more than ten years. Kawasaki and Akinci, utilizing the high level improvisation techniques, will explore the connection between 'self' and 'other', which will not likely be something reducible in meaning to national differences. Micari, through her unique expressiveness, which rouses the imagination of the audience, will undoubtedly liberate the body movement from its subordination to the music. The creative process of these five individuals from completely differing backgrounds is expected to produce a harmony as well as a deliberately persisting sense of heterogeneity. Standing at the center of this subtle balance and giving it a sense of wholeness is Kunihiro who displays a sure-footed compositional ability in his international theatrical collaborations. It is this harmony together with the diversity of elements that generates the power to create a new music and makes this project something to believe in.

The pieces will be developed for three weeks in Istanbul. The whole work will be comprised of eight musical scenes. The five performers together with these scenes will be allowed to freely 'migrate' through the joint creative process, recurring in altered forms and, in due course, bringing forth an evocative world of sound. It will be an original act of creation that cuts off a slice of 'now,' the present moment, where the migration of peoples is occurring on a global scale.

for dancer (Aya)

primitive Opera   Ryunosuke Akutagawa 

band data

group improvisation Exias- J

for dancer(Saga Kobayashi)

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